14/20 Female taper joint forming tool with handle


14/20 Female (outer) joint forming tool. We are leaving a very fine .02mm grinding allowance. These tools will produce joints according to CS21-58 Interchangeable Taper- ground joints after grinding.Jaws and plug are made from micrograin cast iron and when used with Aquadag  (water-based colloidal graphite) will last for many thousands of joints. Some of our tools have been in use for 40+ years. The handles are made from steel and feature an interchangeable spring that can be tuned for the amount of return pressure you prefer. 100% designed and manufactured at our shop in Vineland, NJ. Many other types of tooling available ex: threading, male joint, spherical joints, stopcock barrel, flask bottoming, flanges, etc... We suggest you use HP tooling with HP rollers and blast shield for best results.